Air Conditioning Installation

Bryant Heating & Cooling sells a variety of top name-brand AC units, and we also offer affordable air conditioning installation in Columbus, Ohio. Whether you need a new cooling system right away or in a few months, you can count on the Bryant team to help you find the right unit that meets your household needs.

Cooling Options

We sell a variety of makes and models of air conditioners and make recommendations based on the size of your home, ductwork and the number of rooms that need to be cooled. Some options include:

  • Central AC: Cool your entire house; ductwork required.
  • Window-Mounted Units: Best for cooling a single room.
  • Split AC Units: Ideal for offices and large commercial spaces.
  • Wall Units: Save precious window space with this style.

Bryant Heating & Cooling has the experience and expertise to fit your home with the right unit and keep it running for years.